Eth Unique Tweet Quantity












While all Bitcoin-related tweets are recorded, they are categorized by artificial intelligence into unique tweets, bot tweets, and retweets.

The number of tweets posted in the specified time interval is recorded.

Since the number of tweets posted at noon is more than the night, you may think that there is an abnormal situation even though the cryptocurrency markets are not abnormal.

Therefore, the numbers indicated in the coin chart show the difference between the tweets sent in a certain time period from the average.

To explain in more detail, for example, if the average number of tweets sent between 04:00 and 05:00 in the morning is 3,000, if in reality 4,200 tweets are posted, you see 1,200 tweets on the graph.

In this way, regardless of time, you notice if there is an abnormal situation in the coin market.

Finally, the effect of these abnormal situations on the bitcoin price is shown on the chart.

Usually, when an important cryptocurrency news that will affect the coin markets is heard, it is quickly shared on social media.

People who read these coin news take positions in the cryptocurrency market according to the content of the market news.

The chart is presenting unusual activity about Bitcion. Related tweets with Ethereum and ETH are counted. Automated spam bot's tweets and re-tweets are cleaned. The only people are mentioning about bitcoin are found. Moreover, the popularity depending on time range are calculating by AI, Data are shown the difference between current quantity and mean.

When an abnormal activity is seen on the chart, the content of the crypto news can be evaluated and action can be taken before anyone else reaches the masses.

For example, as soon as the news that PayPal will use cryptocurrency on its platform starts to spread, it was noticed in this chart. Please check PayPal Cryptocurrency Announcment on this coin graph

Likewise, when news of hacks and arrests, which will adversely affect the market, begins to spread, it allows you to gain enough time to take action.

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Unique tweet is tweet that people only express their own opinions and write entirely themselves.

Bot tweet is tweet produced by automated software programs for advertising purposes or as spam.

Retweet is people sharing by quoting other people's tweets